Review for Blue Leaf Book Scanning

Since I've posted this review, I've heard from people who have not been happy with this service. Please look at comments below.

A departure from my book publishing company to review the services of Blue Leaf Book Scanning.

Blue Leaf is an online company that scans books and converts them into digital files. This is a service for published paper/hard-back books that have no available digital files. In my case, it was my book, Rented Rooms: A Collection of Short Fiction. Rented Rooms was published in 2003. At that time, I had uploaded a WordPerfect document, but after several changes of computers, word processing programs and cannibalized pull-aparts, the file was useless. Also to get the complete file back from the vanity press was also crazy expensive. (Yeah, my file. Let's not go there.)

So I heard about Blue Leaf and decided to give it a try. Ordering was easy and the cost of services very reasonable: $20.00. Ordering and payment is done online, then the book is mailed to the company along with the printed receipt. I received confirmation that the book was received and further advised when I should be expecting the files. (Books that are sent can be returned or destroyed. For books that are destroyed, the fee is what I quoted.)

Five days later I received an email that the files were ready for download. A user name and password were also provided along with instructions. The zipped file was huge. In my case 96MG. It took 9 minutes to download with high speed internet. If you have dial up, it would be better to ask for a mailed disc.

So what did I get? Folders of the following: Covers, PDF, PDF(reduced size), MS Doc (formatted), MS Doc (unformatted), Tech notes, and Copies of my bills.

My review...Awesome! To reprint backlist books or convert them into e-books, everything is provided. In fact, the unformatted Doc file already had most of the hyperlinks in place for epub formatting. While there was some minor clean-up (my book had wingdings), the editing was minimal. On the downside, the cover had poor resolution and the zipped file was very large. But both these aspects can be easily dealt with: a cover can be scanned at a local print shop and the files can be sent by mail. For the money and what you get, this is a terrific service!


Jeff said...

Absolutely no customer service. I paid them the $200 plus for two large text books and have been waiting for two weeks now for any sign of life. All I have is a receipt confirmation from them. There is no phone number to call. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE.

Linda Lavid said...

Jeff, My experience was very different. It was inexpensive and fast. However, I referred a friend to them and she had the same trouble as you...they moved, they weren't responsive, and when she had questions about her delivery, they didn't help. That said, I did get to see the files she was finally sent and they were extensive. I hope everything works out. I don't know any other place that provides this service. I'll put a notice on this blog post to have people read your comments. Thanks! Hope everything works out.

Davide said...

Note from Blue Leaf;
We want to thank you for writing this review, and address the comment of slow response time from us. We understand that some customers are having difficulty getting in contact with us, and have thus taken measures to correct this.

First, for customer's who may be having difficulty using our contact form, you are now able to email us directly from our contact page rather than having to use the form. We have also changed our primary email to a GMAIL account, which should be more SPAM-friendly than our previous email. This will help insure that our responses make it to our customers without delays. Finally, we have also improved our email response time significantly.

We hope that these measures will help insure that our customers are able to get in contact with us, and we to them, within a timely manner.

Blue Leaf

jay stephens said...

I haven't used blue leaf's service because I had a large order that needed to be filled and didn't want to count each individual page. I stumbled across a site called Custom Book Scanning at that uses a more practical approach and prices per every 100 pages so that as long as I'm within that page range its fine.

Long story short, I had 10 fiction novels I wanted scanned and converted to epub files so I could read them on my train commute to work. I called the company beforehand and they were very friendly. They emailed me when my books arrived and a few days later they emailed me with my link to download all my files. I asked them for a Table of Contents in the ebook file which they do for only a few dollars more. The book looks just like the one's I would download off Amazon for similar novels. I would highly recommend them to others.

Linda A. Lavid said...

Jay, thanks for the input!